Upcoming Opportunities

2015 Mission/Outreach Funding
The Mission/Outreach Committee is pleased to announce that the Vestry has approved the following distribution of funds from the Mission/Outreach budget for 2015:


Bethesda Cares, Bethesda, MD: $3,000

Manna Food Center, Gaithersburg, MD: $500

Misa Alegria, St. Stephen’s & the Incarnation, Washington, DC: $3,500

Street Church, The Church of the Epiphany, Washington, DC: $4,000

Summer Music Camp, The Church of the Redeemer, Bethesda, MD: $2,000

Transitional Housing Authority, Washington, DC: $1,000

The Trinidad Conservation Project, Honduras: $3,500

United Palestinian Appeal, Washington, DC: $1,500


The Vestry also gave its approval to the Olive Oil Ministry holding two sales of olive oil products annually to benefit that ministry of which Redeemer is a member.

If you would be interested in learning more about any of these organizations or to volunteer, please contact Mission/Outreach Committee Chair Jim Packard Winkler: jim_winkler@dai.com or (202) 531-0910.



Applications for Mission/Outreach Funds

Do you see a new way that we at Redeemer can lend a hand to those less fortunate than we are?  An organization whose mission calls on us to put our energy and enthusiasm into the task together as partners? If so, the Redeemer Mission/Outreach Committee would like to hear from you. Applications for funding from the mission/outreach budget for a new project or to an organizations supported last year, are requested to be submitted to the committee by July 30, 2015. The committee seeks those organizations that we can support not only from our pocket but from with our spirit. Applications are also available from the Parish Office. Questions? Contact Jim Packard Winkler: jim_winkler@dai.com or (202) 531-0910.


Mission/Outreach Funding: New Application 2015

Mission/Outreach Funding: Renewal Application 2015