The Organ

Organ Console

In January 2006, while in the midst of a successful capital campaign, The Church of the Redeemer entered into contract with The Di Gennaro-Hart Organ Company of McLean, Virginia, for a new two manual, 28-rank pipe organ.  The organ was installed in the nave during summer 2007.  It was dedicated in a series of performances by organists Nathan Laube, Henry Lowe, Martin Neary, and John Walker.


Thanks to the incredible generosity of a Redeemer parishioner, two additional ranks were added to the instrument during Summer 2013: an independent chorus reed on the Great (an 8′ Trumpet also available at 4′ pitch) and a powerful, high pressure solo reed (an 8′ Tuba on 8 3/4” of wind pressure).


The organ, one of the most colorful, versatile instruments in all of Washington, is particularly well-suited to the accompaniment of the Anglican liturgy.


Organ Specification