Fellowship Groups


Foyer Dinner Groups

Since they began in 2008, Foyer Dinners have become an extremely important part of our life as a parish community, providing a fun way for individuals to broaden and deepen friendships within the church.  The dinners have helped us become a more integrated, well-stimulated, and, indeed, well-fed congregation!


How do Foyer Dinners work?  About once a month, groups of 8-10 parishioners meet in each other’s homes for fellowship and a meal.  Typically, the host provides the main dish; others provide hors d’oeuvres, side dishes, and dessert.  Groups are formed, in part, at random and, in part, using this formula: (1) a couple established at Redeemer; (2) a new couple; (3) an individual established at Redeemer; (4) a new individual.  Established parishioners are bound to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones.  For newcomers, the dinners are a great way to become better acquainted with the parish community.  New groups are formed in the Fall and Spring.  All are encouraged to participate!  For more information contact the Parish Office: office@redeemerbethesda.org.


Family Pot-luck Dinners

Since 2012, it has become our custom to invite all Redeemer families to periodic pot-luck dinners, hosted by a rotating group of parishioners – typically families with young children.  The goal is to have these dinners several times a year as momentum behind this ministry continues to build.


Family Pot-luck Dinners are held on Sundays at 5:00 p.m., which allows families with young children to be present (though families with older children are encouraged to come as well!).  The dinners, which are casual, fun and high energy (!), have been welcomed by many families who are not easily able to participate in Foyer Dinners, but desire fellowship with others in the parish.  


Young Adult Group (20s/30s+)

One of the fastest growing segments of the congregation is young adults in their 30s and early 40s.  On many Sundays, 25% of worshippers might fall into this category!  In order to help build community among this population, a Young Adult Group – often referred to as the 20s/30s+ Group –  was formed in December 2009.  Most recently, the group has gathered for a springtime barbeque at the home of two parishioners; an Epiphany party at the Rectory; and a happy hour at the Irish Inn at Glen Echo.  More opportunities for fellowship and meaningful discussion about the intersection of life and faith are on the horizon.  


Book Group

See This Week at Redeemer. The Book Group is a gathering of parishioners who share a passion for literature, particularly works of history and theology.  The group meets at the home of a member every four to six weeks.  Tea, coffee, and other refreshments are served.  Lively conversation ensues.  All are welcome!  For more information, contact parishioner/coordinator Huda Kraske: hqkraske@aol.com .