Christian Education/Youth

At Redeemer, Christian formation begins at birth. Even the youngest among us participate in worship. Redeemer provides opportunities for all ages to learn about the Christian faith and its history, the story of God’s people as told in Old and New Testaments, how to appreciate other faith traditions, and how to grow deeply in your relationship with God.

At age 3, our youngest members gather for Bible stories in the Godly Play classroom. Trained volunteers help the children learn about the creation, the flood, the Exodus, the life of Jesus, and other biblical events. 

The Intermediate Class is for young people who have matured beyond Godly Play but are not quite ready for the Middle School class. The teachers in this class talk about the church, how we grow as Christians, and how we serve God. The class also continues to study the Bible and the history of the people of God.

Middle School and High School students take the knowledge they acquire in Godly Play and the Intermediate Class and apply it to their daily lives. These conversational classes focus on ethics, Christian principles, and decision making. 

The Redeemer Youth Group is open to all students between 5th grade and 12th grade. The group meets at least once a month to share a meal and talk about how to be Christians in a world that doesn’t always support them. The focus is to form a community with others in their age group and develop leadership skills to help them in their Christian journey. Youth group also participates in mission opportunities with older Redeemer members as well as on their own.