Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a vitally important aspect of our common life.  At our Baptism, we promise to “seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves.”  In addition, the parish Mission Statement calls us to be “a loving community of faith.”  This love becomes manifest as we pray and care for those in the parish community who require a helping hand, a listening ear, or an experience of the Holy.  Volunteers can, among other things, serve as Lay Eucharistic Visitors, provide rides to and from church or medical appointments, prepare meals for new parents or individuals who are recovering from surgery, and/or send cards to the sick or homebound.


If you need care, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Office: 301-229-3770, or any member of the clergy.


Pastoral Care Volunteer Opportunities


Lay Eucharistic Visitors take the sacrament of Holy Communion to those who are unable to be present for the public celebration of the Holy Eucharist.  Parishioners trained as Lay Eucharistic Visitors usually receive the consecrated elements at the conclusion of a Sunday liturgy and visit parishioners who are homebound or hospitalized.


Healing Ministry: Any parishioner may volunteer to be part of the Healing Ministry.  Members of this team participate in the Healing Rite – prayers for healing with laying on of hands – two times each month: at both liturgies on the third Sunday of the month, and at following the Taizé Service on the first Monday of the month (every Monday in Lent).


Transportation: Parishioners often need help with transportation for health care appointments, church attendance, etc.  Volunteers are needed on both an ad-hoc and regular basis, as schedules permit.  Every effort is made to pair volunteers and those in need of transportation based on geography and convenience.


Meal Preparation and Delivery to a person’s home is a long-standing ministry that is demonstrative of the love God has for all of us.  Volunteers make or pick up meals and deliver them to those in need, first determining if the individual in need is on a special diet (low fat, low salt, etc.) or has any food allergies.  If you love cooking, this is the ministry for you!


Contact through Cards, Calls, or Visits is a ministry that can be offered by adults and youth.  Our Church School classes have created and written cards for those who are ill or homebound.  A visit or call from a church friend can bring light to those who are hurting or in pain, or are lonely or dealing with the frustrations of a debilitating injury.


The Prayer Tree is a group of parishioners who offer intercessory prayer in times of special need or crisis (e.g. surgery, accident, acute illness, etc.).  Prayer requests may be sent to the Parish Office or any member of the clergy by e-mail or telephone.  If you wish to take part in this ministry, simply email the Parish Office.


Funeral Support: Volunteers are often needed to assist with the preparation of receptions following funerals.  Others are needed to serve in a liturgical capacity at funerals: ushers, crucifers, and acolytes.  If you would like to be included in a list of volunteers, please contact the Parish Office.


Columbarium & Memorial Wall

Redeemer’s Columbarium & Labyrinth, giving in loving memory of James C. and Henrietta D. Lear, was completed in 2011, on the Dunrobbin Drive side of the building. The structure surrounds a portion of the parish’s seven circuit labyrinth, modeled after the famed labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France.  Detailed information about eligibility and financing for a columbarium niche or memorial wall plaque is available in the Parish Office.  The clergy are available to answer any spiritual questions you may have about cremation.


The Columbarium is for the interment of ashes.  Single and double capacity niches, available for purchase at any time, are primarily for the use of parishioners and their family members, although exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis.  Each niche is faced in granite and uniformly engraved with the name and dates of the deceased.


The Memorial Wall, located next to the Columbarium, lists the name(s) of loved ones who have died, but who are not interred at The Church of the Redeemer.


Interment in the Ground: Ashes in a biodegradable container may be interred in the ground at the base of the Memorial Wall.