Praying with Art

Visio Divina

Lectio – Settling and Shimmering

Ask God to give you spiritual insight. When you are ready, let your eyes move around the landscape of the art.  Notice the color, the textures, the lines and form. Notice what draws you, stirs energy for you.  Allow your eyes to rest there.

Meditatio – Savoring and Stirring

Stay with this place in the image that is inviting more attention.  Let memories and images from your life surface and stir.  See what connections are made.  Savor what emerges.  What feelings arise?  What questions arise in you?  Make space and welcome whatever comes.  

Oratio – Summoning and Serving

Let the art work on your heart and see if an invitation arises.  Make space for your heart to be opened and for a longing to respond to God’s call to move in you. 

Contemplatio – Slowing and Stilling

Rest in God’s grace for a few moments.  When you are ready to close your time of prayer, gently bring your awareness back to the room.  Gaze at the art piece one last time to see if anything new catches your attention.  Offer gratitude to Spirit for the way the image has moved you.  [1]

[1] Adapted from Christine Valters Paintner, Lectio Divina, the sacred art; Transforming Words and Images into Heart-Centered Prayer, 2011.

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