June 6
We return to in-person, indoor, (masked) worship at 10:30am!

June 5, 2021: First indoor choir rehearsal since March 8, 2020


Redeemer is a warm and welcoming community of God.  We encourage you to explore opportunities for worship, Christian education, service, and community and look forward to welcoming you into our home.

Located in the Bannockburn neighborhood of Bethesda, Maryland, Redeemer is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and the worldwide Anglican Communion.

  • Morning Worship: Sunday, 10:30 a.m., in person and on Zoom (sign-up required for in-person)
  • Sunday School – Intermediate and Middle/High School at 10:30am with Steve Gibson and Mary K Young and others.
  • TheFIVE is on hiatus until the fall
  • Weekday Worship: Mon-Fri, 10am Prayers of the People via regular conference call: (508) 924-1769 with Rev. Patty Alexander, St. Dunstan’s.
  • Daily Compline is on hiatus until the fall.
  • Wednesday at noon: learn some background on Sunday’s readings with a fun and informal Bible study
  • Catch up on Sunday’s sermon via YouTube

RESERVED SACRAMENT is available for collection or delivery. Contact our Deacon.

Click on the image to be taken to the Compline resource page.

You can be involved in many ways and “official” membership is by no means a requirement. Whoever you are, and wherever you are on your journey of faith, we invite you to take part in the life of our parish community. 

We seek to serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves. We welcome everyone.

In Thanksgiving for our new elevator:

The Bishop: Almighty God, whose Son ascended far above all heavens that he might fulfill all things, whose Spirit came down like a dove at pentecost, who shelters us under her wing, and who sends us forth to embrace those in every condition and circumstance; we thank you for the gifts of science, the skill of technicians, the blessing of treasure, and for their coming together in this new elevator.  Grant through your Spirit that all who use it may find it an aid in their worship of you and in their service to others.

Versicle: Will you, the people of the Church of the Redeemer, seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbors as yourselves?

ResponseWith God’s help, that is our intent.